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Free Jump System


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This Airbag Freejump protection vest, unisex model, is made with an innovative protection system that can make optimal performance while maintaining the comfort and safety of the pilot.
In case of falls the corset inflates quickly and decreases the force of the impact protecting the vital areas of the pilot. It can be worn over the polo shirt and hides perfectly under the jacket during competitions.
It is not recommended to wash this corset in the washing machine or immerse it in water.
Washing tips: Proceed with hand cleaning with a sponge and mild detergents without rubbing. Do not leave the corset near sources of heat, do not leave it folded or rolled up for too long.
The 100% made in Italy fabrics and the materials used allow greater ventilation and breathability, very comfortable and silky Neck protection stabilizes the spine and all the vital areas of the rider, the sides are also protected in such a way as to allow a perfect alignment of the trunk.
This model is suitable for subjects with a minimum height of 1.45m and a weight of 35kg.
This model has passed the impact tests of the AFNOR NF S782-800-2022 standard and is approved by the NF S72-800-2022 standard.
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