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Kep Italia


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The frame of the hardhat is the perfect coordination of three interconnecting parts. In the same way that they embed, they leave sinuous paths for a great air circulation ensuring at the same time maximum safety and a perfect mechanical resistance.
The inner shell in high-tech polystyrene has been studied to combine the best ergonomics and aesthetics in order to ensure excellent fit.
The double density foam denominates a better shock absorption. Most effective is the front grille of chrome effect with its air control system through the delicate moving of the central switch.
The indirect ventilation is guaranteed by the entrance of fresh air through an intake placed under the peak and the front grille of the hardhat.
Evacuation of the same air through the intakes placed on the rear padding. The exterior high-tech design of the hardhat in polycarbonate painted is available in elegant “Textile” touches.
The inner pad is entirely removable and washable. It is attached to an anatomic cushion that perfectly fit the nape ensuring optimum comfort and absolute air diffusion thanks to the high-tech materials used: Coolmax coupled with open-cells filter and smooth micro-fibre.
The chinstrap directly inserted in the hardhat through three passing rings is completely protected by way of the anti-allergic and washable smooth leather. It is easily adjustable and has a quick self-blocking fastener.
WEIGHT More or less 400 grams Stylishly carry and protect your hardhat with our KEP bag The hardhat is delivered in a comfortable waterproof bag predisposed of a smooth anti-scratch pad. It offers two pockets for gloves and accessories and has a personal coordinates label.
A KEPclean micro-fibre cloth is included in the KEP Bag.
PERSONALISATION: The rider can customize the fit with the colours of a team or a country flag and place his name on the hardhat.


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